King Famous in New Jersey with the first digital still camera from Earthlink
King Famous, Samurai.

The Gear

Dell Inspiron

A great laptop for the time, I ran Soundforge and Acid on this to edit and mix the tracks.

Audio Technica AT3035

An awesome condenser microphone. Loud, crisp and solid.

Sony MD MZR90

Mini Disc never really took off in the states, but in Japan they were huge. Great sound quality. I used this to record live events and samples.

Sony ECM-MS907

I used this with the mini disc recorder to record acoustic guitar songs.

Focusrite Mixmaster

When I made it back to the states, HCMF took my tracks and ran them through the mixmaster. This really finalized the album in the best way possible I absolutely love the sound of the mixmaster.

Liner Notes and Thank You

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